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The TRUth about Lip Filler

It is totally natural to feel nervous about having Lip filler injections. But Lip augmentation is safe and looks natural when performed by a trained practitioner.

See some lip filler myths below and find out the TRUth about what happens when you get your lips done.

1. Lip Filler is just for women

Wrong! If you identify as male, lip filler is a great choice. Just like women, men loose lip volume with aging. Thin lips can disrupt facial balance and harmony. Many men benefit from the subtle enhancement following the placement of lip filler.

2. Lip Fillers don’t look natural

In truth, there may be some lip filler outcomes that do not look natural. Don’t be distraught, your lip filler results depend on a couple of factors. It has been noted that your lip filler results are mostly dependent on the technique used, your lip anatomy, the strength of the musculature around your lips, dentition (your teeth and gums), and whether you've had lip filler before or not. The outcome of your lip augmentation is also dependent on the product used. At TRU Form Skin Lab, we like to use Revanesse Lips. Revanesse Lips is loved by patients and providers as it leaves the lips plump and juicy for months and without much swelling.

3. Lip filler is permanent

When Hyaluronic acid is used for Lip augmentation, the lip filler can be dissolved with Hyaluronidase if you no longer desire the added lip volume.

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