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TRU Form Skin Lab Philadelphia is excited to provide a unique opportunity designed to help aesthetic injectors flourish. It is imperative that aesthetic injectors are prepared to provide safe and effective injectable treatments. For providers to gain confidence and proficiency, supervised administration of neurotoxin and dermal filler for multiple patients is essential, especially for the inexperienced provider. 


Typical cosmetic injector training courses offer only a few hours of group training where the student must share the models as well as the trainer. The student is lucky to get the opportunity to inject more than twice during a day of training, and to make matters worse, although the trainer may allow questions, there just isn’t enough time to properly review anatomy and safety protocols, as well as provide the student with pearls of wisdom during injecting. These courses can cost thousands and require distant travel! 


But how does this help the student? Injecting one or two patients only informs the student that they can inject, quick courses can’t help injectors gain confidence and inject well. Multiple guided injecting sessions with debriefing and feedback providing by the trainer with time in between sessions is the only way to gain confidence. Repeated training sessions will lead to improved patient outcomes, patient trust, while decreasing the risk of injector error, risk of adverse events, fear, and burn-out.

Learn Cosmetic Injections

The solution: when a healthcare provider is a student and learning a new skill - there is a more experienced provider there to observe, redirect if needed, and help them advance their skill set. When it comes to injecting the nurse preceptor or fellow should be there to say “hey, there is a neurovascular bundle here, let’s think about a different approach” OR “the best way to address this patient’s concern is…” OR “let’s talk about full-face assessment techniques”. The goal is supporting injectors to help properly treat each patient and meet business goals.

Aesthetic Injector Preceptor

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How the program works: The injector will submit an initial enrollment questionnaire that will help us understand their

needs and goals. The injector will be assigned to an aesthetic injector preceptor (AIP). The AIP will initially meet with the

injector via video conference followed by the first visit with the injector in their suite to provide didactic review and hands-on training with models selected by the injector. Then at prescribed intervals as dictated by their selected program, the AIP will act as a coach and a guide for the injector.

By working with an AIP, the injector will become proficient, knowledgeable, and safe. The AIP will help the injector with hand placement, injection depth, and practicing various injecting techniques. There will also be a short discussion at the end of each session, the perfect time for the injector to ask questions and receive feedback.


  • Must have completed initial beginner injector course or already injecting for one year if no course

  • Must have medical director and approved injecting suite

  • Must have all supplies and FDA approved filler and neurotoxin. 

  • Can assist with ordering product and supplies 

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Our treatment team consists of trained knowledgeable Board Certified nurses and doctors who adhere to strict standards of care while providing safe, up to date, thoughtful aesthetic treatments. Through a combination of anatomic knowledge and artistic flair, our providers help patients find their aesthetic truth.


Our third priority is combining therapies to achieve “Treatment Perfection”. We want everyone to uncover their "TRUE FORM" thus we offer and promote perfectly balanced tri-modal packages tailored to each patient. All three modalities – Botox, Filler, and Skin Care - work in synergy and when performed together give the most pleasing aesthetic effect i.e. “Treatment Perfection”. While we do offer al-a-carte services, we typically reserve these treatments for touch-ups to restore the "TRUE YOU".


In today’s media-driven world we all need to slay every day! At TRU FORM Skin Lab we price competitively and offer easy financing and pay as you go options. We want everyone to find their TRUTH and feel beautiful inside and out. In addition, we know that access to aesthetic preservation and enhancement is essential, and to that end, we have a novel single-serve set-up to keep our patients and providers safe from COVID-19.

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